8-Week Best Body Challenge:
January 16 - March 12

Join us for our 8-week Best Body Challenge starting January 16th
and get a flying start on your New Year's Resolutions!
Take on Ultrafit Bootcamp's "Best Body Challenge", and be in GREAT SHAPE in 2017!

So, what better time than RIGHT NOW to take charge of your health and fitness and achieve your goals, once and for all!
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Check out the before & after pictures of Allison - our previous Best Body Challenge Winner!


Register below for a Challenge Package (mandatory to participate) only $50 + tax.
includes buddy passes, nutrition, coaching call & weekly check ins.

Contact us at info@ultrafit.ca or call 604-720-6164 if you have any questions.

Annilou Verge-Marion
Owner, Ultrafit Bootcamp Ltd.
Ultrafit has changed a countless number of lives through our dynamic calorie-burning workouts, nutritional guidance, and ongoing support.
Prizes will be awarded for the 2 biggest body transformations!
North Vancouver: 333 Chesterfield Avenue,
North Vancouver, BC

6am-7am M/W/F
(Indoor/Outdoor location)

Cost: $280/2days/week

Challenge requirements:

  • Attend the Monday, Jan 16th fitness evaluation in Kitsilano or North Van. If this doesn't work for your schedule, you must arrange a make-up evaluation before Fri, January 20th.
  • You must do a weigh in and body fat analysis test. Winners are determined by highest percentage of body fat & weight lost.
  • A "before" picture will be taken at the first evaluation, and an "after" picture will be taken during the end-of-camp evaluation.

"One of the most important things I've learned from the whole bootcamp experience including the coaching calls is about setting, implementing and achieving small goals (rather than large unattainable ones). 

During the one on one coaching calls, Annilou has encouraged me to identify personal nutrition and fitness concerns.  She has helped me focus on how to address these challenges by breaking them down into smaller/easier challenges and I learned to set specific goals to work on my problems areas (e.g. eating healthy dinners).  And if I am stuck for ideas Annilou always has great suggestions!

Visit www.ultrafit.ca/Stories for more bootcamper success stories!
Here's what one of our past bootcampers had to say about coaching calls with Annilou:

The past 4 weeks I've really spent time focusing on how to encourage MYSELF to put the work into my fitness and nutrition.  Without Annilou's guidance I wouldn't have stuck to it. Her enthusiam and interest in health comes across so vividly that one cannot be anything but inspired!  I looked forward to our phone calls because I wanted to tell her what I worked on and how I was getting through it all.  I went from eating poorly at night to making home cooked meals that I enjoy and are nutritious!  I still have more to work on but I feel motivated to work on my challenges and know that Annilou is there if I need her!  Thank you!" - Stephanie

Allison lost an impressive 17lbs and 4.7% body fat. She continued to lean down afterwards as well. What's more is that she completely changed her lifestyle and then completed her first half-marathon!

The top 2 contestants (based on highest overall percentage of weight and body fat loss) will win the following prizes:

1st Place: 10 class Ultrafit drop-in pass (1 year expiry) + Ultrafit Athletic wicking shirt (valued at $260)
2nd Place:
6 class Ultrafit drop-in pass (1 year expiry, valued at $130)

Kitsilano: Locations within 5km radius of W 10th Ave & Macdonald St

6am-7:15am M/W/F      

6pm-7:15pm M/W

6pm-7pm Tue
9am-10:15am Sat

Cost: $298/2days/week
         $442/unlimited days/week

Kitsilano 8 Week Challenge - pay 1st payment now
North Van 8 Week Challenge - pay 1st payment now

Your 6 keys to unlock your GREATNESS in 2017!

1) 8 weeks of workouts! Choose a flexible schedule of 2, 3 or 4 classes per week

2) 8 weekly email check-in's. We'll cover any challenges you encountered and make sure you're set up for success for the following week.
3) 2 coaching calls 1 at beginning & 1 mid-way through the challenge.  A great tool to keep you on track, help you overcome challenges and help you hit your goals!
Scroll down for testimonials from previous members!

4) 3 FREE Buddy Passes + 3 more (if registered before Jan 9). Bring a workout buddy to class with you! (valued at $60 - to be used during the challenge)

5) FREE 21 Day nutritional plan including daily meal plan, shopping list and recipes (valued at $70).
) Prize incentive for our top 2 body transformations based on highest overall percentage of weight and body fat lost.